2 Years liners
The most unrooted cuttings are coming from either the liners or the deliverable plants from our own or from our regular customers. This is in decent consultation with the customer and is calculated in the buying price. The customer has yearly young unrooted material that is optimally produced under the best circumstances. Unfortunately this is not possible for all species. Some cannot miss a unrooted cutting because they grow very slowly or because they have to be pruned earlyer to obtain the right product at the end. Especially that assortment we plant out in our own tree nursery, such as Taxus, Tsuga, Picea etc. (see picture). These will stand there for an average of 5 years. In the fourth year they will be prepared for replant and in the last year there will not be taking cuttings from them, so that they can be sold as deliverable plant. Aside from this we also have plants for the delivering of scion’s and with those happens the same. The parcel determined for the (motherplants) we divided into 6 pieces. From those we plant and take out 1 piece each year, and one season 1 piece stay’s empty, so that we can optimally fertillise that.